Developed by physicist, Moshe Feldenkrais, this gentle and powerful approach facilitates reeducation of movement patterns to improve efficiency and ease. Advanced motor sciences applied through movement explorations bring about a reorganization of patterns and habits of functioning.

The benefits of Feldenkrais® are enjoyed by those who are seeking peak performance, relief from pain, and greater comfort in daily activities. Work smarter, not harder and enjoy the results more.

Trying the Feldenkrais Method for Chronic Pain from The New York Times

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Interview with Pain Doctor and Rheumatologist Milton Cohen

A Documentary on the Feldenkrais Method


Conceived by Joseph H. Pilates, this exercise system uses spring-based equipment to stretch and strengthen the body from the core to the extremities. Using precise movements, breathing techniques, and concentration Pilates offers a full body workout while centering your mind.

Principles of Intelligent Movement® approach to this system integrates current scientific findings to create balanced, elongated muscles, improved posture, and ease of movement. Discover why athletes, dancers, entertainers, models, rehab patients, and anyone who wants a healthy, beautifully sculpted body use Pilates.


Principles of Intelligent Movement® is an approach to movement therapies that is the product of years of studies for Angela. The fundamental laws of movement hold true for the body motion in all activities and apply to the elite athlete and the aging equally. These critical principles incorporate biomechanics, energetics and movement theories into a cohesive and unique approach.

As an educational platform for physicians, physiotherpists and movement educators, Principles of Intelligent Movement® provides the lens through which to see efficient movement as applied to activities of daily living, rehabilitation and performance training.